What is Pain Management?



Do you still have unexplained pain — even after treatment?
Is that pain coming from your back and neck?

Believe it or not, millions of individuals experience chronic pain every
day from somewhere on their body, and it’s estimated that eight out of
ten Americans suffer from pain emanating from their backs. The good
news is that Rasheed A. Amireh, M.D., has extensive training and experience
treating all types of pain with the newest treatment modalities.

“When it comes to pain, words will never explain the agony and
discomfort some people have to endure,” says Dr. Amireh, who is board
certified and fellowship trained in interventional pain management and
one of the first interventional pain physicians in Fresno. “I’ve had patients
who have lost income due to pain. I’ve had patients who’ve lapsed
into states of depression because of pain. I can honestly say that interventional
medical pain management can help a person not only find relief but start living life instead of just watching it go by.”

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